477 Napier street, White hills 3550
1800 KIND DENTIST (1800 546 333)

Emergency Dentist

We know how bad tooth-ache can be!!

If your usual dentist is booked in for the next few days, you can call us/ or come in to see us, because we are eager to help our fellow Bendigonians.

We have a policy of leaving slots for patients in pain, calling on the day.

We are able to save painful teeth using the Root-canal treatment technique, or extract them- as per your wish.

Apart from this, we are also able to deal with sports related injuries/ other dental injuries.

Of course, a tooth breaking/ losing a filling or a crown etc. are also dental emergencies, and we intend to try and help everyone on the same day is possible.

Please call us on 03 4210 0352 or 1800 546 333 or 1800 KIND DENTIST to know more, or you can just walk-in to Whitehills Dental practice, 477 Napier street, White hills 3550 to your new FAMILY DENTIST. We have a big car-park and are very conveniently located on the midland highway.

Whitehills Dental Practice