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Family Dentistry

We offer a very comprehensive family dentistry service including provision of dental health care services for the whole family, and all age groups to all our patients in the Greater Bendigo area and surrounding areas.

We are a children friendly team, and love to welcome children. We have found that children love to come to us too.   The television on the ceiling and your child’s favorite show playing on it sure helps.

Did you know that children should start having check-ups from as early as 12 months of age?   It starts a good and healthy routine, and the regular check-ups and fluoride applications etc. make their teeth stronger.. As they say– A stitch in time saves nine, or that Prevention is better than cure. A few of the important services that we offer for very young children include the simple but very effective preventive dentistry services like fissure seals, plaque removal, oral hygiene advice.   Did you know that we can offer FREE DENTAL for children, if your child is eligible for the CDBS scheme?

Of course, as children grow up and move toward teenage, they can require Sports mouth guards, white fillings, cleans etc. which are all available in-house and on the day.   We do offer braces/ Orthodontic treatment, but mainly for Adults, and tend to refer our younger patients to our specialist Orthodontist colleagues.   We are able to offer same day appointments if there’s been a sports injury other damage to the teeth and treat it as a priority.   We are able to remove wisdom teeth, and have an in-house OPG x-ray/ full mouth x-ray, which means that the procedure can be done on the day if you want..

Of course, for adults we offer the complete range of dental services like white fillings, Root-canal treatments, crowns, bridges, Dental implants, Cosmetic Dentistry (including Veneers, teeth-Whitening etc.), Smile designing- using various techniques of Esthetic dentistry, replacement of missing teeth using partial dentures, bridges and dental Implants etc.

For our Senior patients, we are able to offer good quality dentures, Bridges fixed on implants- like All on 4, All on 6 etc.  These are life-changing treatments as they allow you to mingle back with your friends and family without being embarrassed, not to mention- eating properly. We have an in-house CT scanner which allows us a quick turn-around.  We offer a free consultation to inform you about these procedures and to give a rough idea of the costs etc.

We have specially designed facilities and equipment to treat our patients who are anxious/ afraid of the dentist….. Please come and visit us to know more.

In short, there is not too much related to dentistry that we don’t do, and therefore we are able to provide comprehensive dental care to the whole family, and even your extended family.

Please call us on 03 4210 0352 or 1800 546 333 or 1800 KIND DENTIST to know more, or you can just walk-in to Whitehills Dental practice, 477 Napier street, White hills 3550 to your new FAMILY DENTIST. We have a big car-park and are very conveniently located on the midland highway.

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