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Why Us?

Research has shown that there are several barriers which prevent people from seeking dental-treatment. Two of the most important ones are:


$$$ = The high cost of
dental treatment


Fear/ Anxiety

Everyone needs dental care, but the above 2 factors make it difficult for people to avail the facility of modern Dental care.

In order for making good quality dental-care available for as many people as possible, we have attempted to employ several measures.

1) Solutions for the high cost of dental treatment

Dental treatment is expensive. The reason for this is that the cutting edge technologies needed for modern dental equipment, materials etc. are very expensive. While it’s not possible to decrease the costs drastically, we do aim to cut it down as far as possible for our patients’ benefit. Also we pair up with some finance companies to make it possible/ affordable.

If it were not for finance options, most of us wouldn’t be able to buy a house, a car etc. Reconstructive Dental treatment falls somewhat in the same category.

We all know that good things do cost money, and it’s more sensible to not look for ‘Cheap’ but ‘Good value for our money spent’. It should be ‘Worth it’.
Life changing treatments are available and possible, but the question we need to ask ourselves is— Am I worth it?

2) Fear:

It’s not uncommon for people to be afraid and anxious of dentists. After all, having our teeth drilled is not anybody’s idea of fun.

But the fact is that regular check-ups and completion of any necessary treatment as soon as possible is the least painful way to go. If we ignore it, it’ll be more painful, more expensive, and there’ll be a point after which we just cannot avoid the dentist anymore.

How do we solve this riddle?
We think we’ve cracked it.
Come, see us for a cup of coffee and we’ll let you know how.

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