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Crown: We can provide both tooth – colored crowns, as well as Gold-crowns (which are known for their longevity). These are simple treatments for strengthening teeth which are weak and cannot be restored reliably using fillings.

Teeth Whitening: We have provision for both the in-office bleaching (which is completed on the day in the surgery) as well as the take-home bleaching, which you can do at ease at your home.

Bridges: Bridges are a way of providing a fixed replacement for missing teeth. We can provide both tooth-colored bridges as well as Gold/ metal bridges.

Dental-Implants: Dental Implants is a very reliable way of replacing missing teeth with a fixed tooth, which is not much different from the original tooth. It is very simple to do, is a very gentle surgery and not very expensive any more.

Nitrous-Sedation: Also called as the ‘Happy Gas’, this allows us to treat nervous children & Adults. You can drive back home after finishing the treatment

Veneers: We can provide both Porcelain-veneers and Composite-veneers, to make your tooth/ teeth or the whole smile look more beautiful.

Dentures: We are able to provide Complete-Dentures & Partial-Dentures to replace your missing teeth. If you have loose dentures, we can even use dental-implants to give you ‘Implant-retained dentures’ or ‘Implant-supported dentures’

Tooth Jewellery: This is a simple technique which can give your smile a ‘Zing’ by sticking small ‘sparklies’ on your tooth/ teeth. No needles required for this.

Root-canal treatment: If you have a terribly painful tooth, instead of pulling it, we can often save it by doing a root-canal treatment. It is not scary, only as uncomfortable as a filling and we try to complete the treatment in the one visit if possible. We have a Television on our ceiling so you can watch your favorite movie on Netflix or Amazon-prime, while we are working to save your tooth.

Smile-Design: We can work towards improving your smile by using sound scientific principles & Procedures and advanced techniques. We can also preview this before actually treating you by using advanced esthetic-dentistry/ cosmetic-dentistry techniques.

Wisdom tooth removal: We are able to remove your wisdom tooth/ teeth, if they are troubling you. We have arrangements with the St John of God hospital in Bendigo as well, to perform the treatment after putting you to sleep/ General Anesthesia, if you are really anxious about the treatment.

All on 4: The All on 4 & All on 6 techniques have allowed us to provide fixed teeth to people who had lost ALL of their teeth and used to wear complete-dentures. This is a life-changing treatment, and the huge cost most certainly is more than justified by the transformation it can bring to peoples’ lives.


At this moment we are a small team, comprising of

Dr Anshul Gupta


Having worked as a dentist since 1999, I have had the opportunity to serve in a vast variety of dental-practices. Having accumulated a huge amount of experience of the ‘good’, ‘not so good’ and out rightly ‘bad’ services and experiences which are provided to our patients in this industry, I am trying to attempt to change the perception and opinion that people have about ‘The Dentist’.
It is sad that Dentists have managed to earn so much hatred over the years, and are a feared species in today’s society.
This needs to change…..
We are trying to make our humble, but sincere effort towards thus noble cause.

Besides general dentistry , I like to do wisdom tooth extractions , Smile makeovers , Replacement of missing teeth using various techniques including implants and full mouth rehabilitation. I especially like to treat elders who are missing teeth. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on their faces after they get back their missing teeth

I have a special interest in implant dentistry as well as specific training for this from the prestige Royal College of Surgeons of England which is called as- Diploma in implant dentistry, Royal college of surgeons of England.

Miss Stacee Burns

Receptionist /Dental Assistant

I’m a local Bendigo girl who has been here all my life, I love spending time with my family and friends. Having experience as a Medical receptionist, I am very excited to create a new career in the Dental world.

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